Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jumping Rope

I joined Mad About CrossFit a few weeks ago.  Today we did a workout that involved quite a bit of jumping rope.  How hard can that be?  I was little once. I remember jumping rope and playing tag through the double dutch ropes. 

Let's just jump right in, no pun intended. Here's what I know: I can jump rope. No problem. It just requires quite a few starts and stops. The presence of a Paramedic and a readily accessible defibrillator. 

I thought the slow run I do was tough.  Jumping rope is crazy. After 3 weeks of occasionally being required to do it, I'm either getting better at it that my heart and lungs don't want to explode or so much worse that I can't string together enough consecutive jumps to kill me.

Then there are people there that do this thing called "double unders" where the rope makes 2 revolutions before you land after your "jump".  Yeah, I have a more realistic goal.  Get 60 single jumps completed before I trip up.  My current high = 30.

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