Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A day of Firsts

Well maybe not entirely 1st's some of them are more like starting over.

I've officially started my training for the 1/2 Marathon in November.  I know I said I wouldn't do another one but this time my sister and I are doing it together.... even if I have to push her in stroller.  She was supposed to do the last one with me but had gotten hurt.

I went to my very 1st "Row Rage" at Mad About Cross Fit.  I envisioned a whole bunch of crazy people screaming at rowing machines.  Instead it was a nice group of women, who may have been silently cursing the row machines, getting a fun cardio workout.

Speaking of working out.  We all know those people who working out changes their lives and then they become the poster person for "X" thing.  How does that happen?  I kind of want that to happen to me, at least a little bit so I can stay motivated.  Sure I've lost my mind over other things.  Usually referred to as road rage, but how does someone get so sucked in that it becomes a "lifestyle"?  I have grand visions of making lifestyle changes.  They require work.  Lots of work.  Let's see if I have the where-for-all to get my act together.

I also met with my new Night Terror doctor.  She's very nice but I can no longer joke about the fact that my Night Terror doctor's name is Dr. Knight.  I'm sure I'll have other things to joke about in relation to my night terrors but at least my Rx will continue to be filled.

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