Sunday, January 1, 2017

Frozen 5K

I started my New Year off by running in the Guilford Frozen 5K. Now some of you might be thinking that involves beer but you would be sadly mistaken.  Fortunately, it also wasn't very cold outside at all.

I'll admit that this is the longest distance I have run in YEARS and I'm not entirely sure you can call what I did "running".  I did finish and I consider that a huge win. Especially, since after the 1 mile mark I was contemplating if I could just step over the cones and head back in a graceful enough manner that no one would notice.  I kept envisioning some old woman screaming "Cheater" so I just continued to trudge along. 

The last few feet did turn into a bit of a footrace between me and the woman in a walker..... OK I made that last bit up but if there had been a woman in a walker I'd have knocked her down so I could come in ahead of her.

39.05 that's how long it took me.  Yes it's slow but Yea me! I didn't cheat and I got my butt moving.


  1. Yay you! I'm super proud of you!

  2. I was weirdly anxious about the run and had to convince myself to go with a reminder no one was losing $ on this. Plus I was afraid f I whimped out that would just open the door for me to continue on that track.

  3. Definitely a WIN! Good for you getting out there!