Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016 - Weird Encounters

Sometimes I think I am carrying a sign that says "Tell Me Everything About Yourself that I Never Wanted To Know."  Take today for instance, I'm at the gym, grabbing my stuff from the locker room when some woman, who I know works out with the same trainer I do, but other than a casual greeting of "Hi" have never spoken with, asks me if my workout was horrendous.  At first, I didn't realize she was speaking with me.  "Hello, changing into my street clothes here... only my sister and L are allowed to talk to me while I'm putting my pants on."  So I say, no I had a good workout.  Which was apparently her cue to launch into a description of her recent "tummy tuck" and "lift" she had done 6 weeks ago.  Why? Why are you telling me this?  For that matter, why are you telling me and the 5 other women who are also in the locker room this?  OMG No I do NOT want to see the scar on your abdomen!   People, I can NEVER unsee that.   I now, know that a tummy tuck is "worse than her two c-sections" which she is telling me as I walk away from her.  Seriously, I am walking away, back turned and she is still talking to me about this.  I'd be willing to bet that after I escaped she was telling the other unsuspecting women about her "Lift".  What she had lifted I don't know, I ran away before she could launch into that or god forbid show me that incision.  The last thing I heard drifting out the doorway was that working out before surgery really helps with the recovery.  Now I can attest to that, because I have personal experience with that... want to see the scar?

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