Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 9, 2015 - Prince Edward Island Day 3

Montague to Panmure Island with a side stop at St. Andrews Point
Have I  failed to mention this is a bicycle tour organized by Woman's Tours? Well it is.  This is only the 2nd tour L and I have gone on and I can easily foresee us doing others with them.   Anyway onto our regularly scheduled content.

We rode a total of 59 kilometers today.  Some of that was because L and I missed a turn to go to St. Andrews Point and had to backtrack.  It was an optional stop but we wanted to check it out because Cy and Jackie (the guides) said there were seals in that area.  Turns out there were more than a few.  What do you call a mob of seals? A pack? A pod? Whatever, there were a lot of them and I managed to get some really good shots which I'll post next week when we get home.  The extra miles were made all the more worth it when we requests Cy do her seal imitation.  She let loose with a guttural honk-like nose and don't you know it sounded like the seals called back.

Then we headed to Panmure Island.  Now I admit there was some groaning and bashing of teeth as L & I made our way there through a headwind that I am sure was only in existence to torment us.  Just to clarify, the complaining etc, is in fact part of the fun. If it were ridiculously easy how could we give ourselves an "atta girl" for surviving another day. Well that and the chocolate ice cream shake we had at lunch as a preemptive reward.  I don't even feel remotely guilty about that or anything else I eat this week.  I'm pretty sure this is the only vacation I will go on were I have fun, eat what I want, and still lose weight.

The country side is just beautiful.  Yes, pictures will come.  Now I believe I'm going to take a nap.

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