Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015 - Day 5 Prince Edward Island

Can you hear that?  It's my legs whimpering after having completed the 62 kilometers from Montague to Rollo Bay. Technically, we could have gone further into Souris but my ass said NO!

Oh and luck continues to be on my side, I had my 2nd flat tire but it happened at our stopping point.  Really, if I'm going to get a flat there isn't a better location. Plus the guy who was driving the support vehicle swung it at the moment I was going to change the tire and her did it for me.  In about an 1/8 of the time it would have taken me.

This is really a beautiful island and the people are incredibly considerate about bicyclists.  The cars give a wide birth and people just randomly wave and give you a thumbs up (OK fine the thumbs up only happened 1x).  Sure, I guess it's possible that people are waving more as an acknowledgment that this group of women on bicycles in the rain are insane.

Tomorrow we ride to St. Peters.

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