Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014 – Mop & Glo

I think I’m starting to creep over the line of eccentric to crazy.  I just mopped the kitchen and living room floors which has highlighted that I’ve been thinking a lot about shoes.  I’m rambling, today I want to take my shoes off before coming into the house but lord knows what those dogs have traipsed through, I should be putting shoes on their feet when they come inside.  Especially since the floors are clean today.  Ohhh and here’s crazy, I said I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but it has really been rolling around in my head since this weekend.  L and I did a road trip to Maryland to see her grand-nephew Finn, who is cute, and we stopped at a rest stop.  Ok so, yes I had to stop and yes, shocking I went to the ladies room.  Since then I’ve wanted to leave my shoes at the door.  Better yet maybe I should have burned them.  Would it be really weird to carry those surgical booties around and put them on your shoes before walking into a restroom?  Oye, but then how the heck would you get the booties off.  Who’s going to want to touch them?  At least which shoes I can step on the heel and push them off.  Shoes, I’ll stick with shoes.

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