Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014 - Packing

I’ve started the process of packing our stuff up for the big move, it’s only just begun and I’m starting to think “Moving to Zurich was easier.”  Ok not really but OMG the movers in that deal packed everything, because they “had” to.  The amazing thing in that process was they literally packed "everything" in one day.  I know these guys are professionals and do this every day, but as I start this process I realized I could not have that job, because I'm too slow.

To keep from getting overwhelmed I'm trying to do this strategically, packing some easy things (books) in between some difficult things (kitchen stuff).  The easy things make me feel like I accomplished something.  Oh and I did discover a simple way to avoid packing something… drop it on the ceramic tile and have it shatter… although I would not really recommend that as an ongoing solution.

Anyway, my goal is to pack up several boxes every day and hopefully it won’t get overwhelming and to the point where I want to just throw stuff out willy nilly.

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