Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4, 2014 - Reaffirming My Handiness

Sometimes I forget that I can be handy when necessary.  This home purchase thing is re-affirming that I can and am kind of handy.  Now that doesn't mean that I'll be laying tile or refinishing any hardwood floors in the future, but hey I weld a mean putty knife and a wicked caulk gun.

In other news I've informed my twin that since our birthday is this month that we are celebrating the entire month.  Since we will be 49 and I've determined that 2014 will be the year of fun and adventure what better way to have fun than to celebrate the entire month?  So today I had a massage.  Tomorrow if things go according to plan I will have incredible amounts of fun shoveling the driveway of snow.  Ok that wasn't really part of the plan but since we are born in February and Mother Nature is not cooperating I'm going to convince myself.  Hmmmm.... maybe there is a snow angel in my future.

House update, we are still on track for closing at the end of March.

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