Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014 - House Update

Monday was the home inspection.  In fact I managed to get all of the necessary inspections scheduled on the same day.  Of course they always find things but in general nothing insurmountable.  Oh but here's the really big thing and I deserve an attagirl.

The house has a dirt crawl space.  If you don't know what that means - its a space under the house that is 2 feet high and pretty much can't be used for anything unless you collect spiders.  Then it might be a lovely home for them.  Fortunately, the guy who owns this house has done things like applying vapor barriers and whatnot to reduce the risk of mold (and to make it slightly less icky).  Needless to say this was definitely a part of the inspection and I sucked it up and went in with the mold inspector to get a lesson on crawl spaces.  Surprisingly it wasn't too bad.  If this was a scary movie right about now the "dunt dunt... dunt dunt... dunt dunt" music would start to play.  Later that morning the home inspector, who was a different guy than the mold inspector, also went into the crawl space, except that he found an additional section that neither the mold guy or I found.  THAT section is way in the corner of the house and unfortunately there are a couple of fixes that must be made before we close.  Now the seller, he agreed to make the fix without batting an eye.  Herein lies the problem, he'll make the fix and before the closing there is a walk thru to make sure that everything is acceptable... which means I will have to crawl into the damnable crawl space and crawl to the far back corner to verify that he made the fixes.  Oye

Oh you can bet I'll be brave and I'll do it, but I'm going to want a drink afterward.  A drink and a shower, not necessarily in that order.

Otherwise, I'm starting to get excited about the house.

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  1. crawl spaces aren't that terrible, our house has a 10x12 crawl space under it, it's about 4ft in height , there is also a second crawl space that is about 3ft in height, I built small shelves in the bigger one and store my wife's canning and preserves as well as a few jugs of shine down there, keeps things cool but not frozen, the key is to get beyond the ick factor, spread a few boxes of moth balls around to rid the space of pests then utilize the space in what ever way suits your fancy