Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014 - Brittle

I'm craving something.  I'm not entirely sure what that something is, but it's definitely in the sweet family and it's too cold for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Ok it's not really, what it is, is too cold to hop in the car and drive to the store for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Instead, I've finally tried my hand at making Brittle.  Most of the recipes are for peanut brittle but I swapped out the peanuts for Almonds.  I followed the recipe and I "think" that it came out ok, but I have to admit that when I poured it out of the pan... it poured out of the pan and I don't think it was supposed to do that.  Recipes need to be more explicit, they need to say "You will need to pry the brittle out of the sauce pan" or "It's going to pour out of the pan like the hot molten sugar that it is."

Oh and anyone whose made brittle before... when it's cooking... is it supposed to bubble?  Oh and no, I did not use a candy thermometer.  I tried but it just wouldn't play nice.  Seriously, I just need a basic candy thermometer, one that doesn't need a battery because it would appear that I can't make the battery one's work.

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  1. It bubbles... and pours.

    You do not need the thermometer. Keep a glass of water next to the stove. when you think it is done.... a drip in the glass should form a hard ball.