Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19, 2014 - House Hunting

Well I should probably apologize for being absent for so long but then again there is a strong possibility that ya'll have given up on the hope of any updates.  Well lookie here.. an update, which is hopefully the 1st of an ongoing process.  I resolved to have more adventures this year and to actually take the time to write about them.  To do that I have to get over the concept that I'm no longer 6 hours ahead of you which means I've given myself permission to write/post at night.  It works for me.

So onto our titled post.  A couple of months ago, L came home and asked me what I was doing on Saturday.  I said "Nothing" and she proceeded to ask if I wanted to go look at a house.  Hey why not? Looking at houses can be fun.

So one thing led to another, we found a house that we really like, the location is good, there is a water view (for L), it's not on top of its neighbors (for me), and there is a yard/space for the dogs (Ok, also for me....well and the dogs).

Next steps:
  Home Inspection
  Mold Inspection
  Septic System Inspection

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1 comment:

  1. Yay for you Sweetie! Always a special time - and a very nerve-wracking time also. But you two will do fine through it all.
    I am looking too, but the way my body is gone to hell, it will have to be small, and easily enough converted to handicap access etc. I am, almost tempted to check out apartments too- then all of that is someone elses headache, ya know? (No, you probably don't)... hehehe
    If you don't end up getting that place, and wind up with a realtor, just remember the sage advice we were taught long ago- Never buy the first 7 homes a realtor shows you.
    In this day and age though I would definitely ixnay the first 3 or 4 anyway.
    Best of luck to you all.