Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013 – Crazy Town

We’re living in crazy town, L and I that is. You might be too but that would be for different reasons.  Our reasons, well we have 3 of them:


Oh don’t let the innocent faces fool you, they are wreaking havoc on our once tranquil home.  See what I mean, if I thought of what our home was like with the beastly boy and the girlie as tranquil, this has to be bad.  The little white one is “Bailey” he’s my parents dog and we’re dog sitting.  He’s actually a very nice boy, the problem…. Jaime LOVES him and is beyond excited that he is here.  So if Bailey runs somewhere, mostly because his legs are so little and he’s trying to keep up with the rest of the world, Jaime thinks “OMG HE WANTS TO PLAY” and starts to bounce around him, which immediately freaks out Bailey because he fully understands that the Girlie is going to crush him.

Bailey has taught Jaime to scratch at the wood door to come inside.  Now this can be forgiveable for a dog the size of Bailey, his paw is the size of a silver dollar.  Jaime has HUGE paws and BIG nails and I just know she is going to destroy the door.  He’s also taught her to jump up at people when they come home.  Btw, “people” is L and I and it’s not enjoyable having 70 pounds of dog launch themselves at you in a frantic maneuver to bet the other two to the prize that is … well “us.”
Only 8 days to go. 

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