Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013 – Totally Naked Lady

Here I was wondering what I was going to blog about when life just hands me a topic.

While driving home from the gym today, and not very far from home, I spotted a woman walking on the sidewalk who looked a little odd.  I was thinking “that’s weird that her clothes are all the same color.”  Then the obvious hit me, her clothes are not all the same color.  She's NAKED.  Totally naked head to toe, walking down the street covering her breasts with her arms.  Shaved head, no socks, no shoes. 
Once I realized that she was walking down the street naked, I started to pull over to ask if she was alright.  This is where I learned something about myself that I’m not entirely thrilled about.  I didn’t pull over because my very next realization was that I was afraid to pull over and ask her if she was ok. 
Now rationally I can admit that being completely naked pretty much precluded her from hiding any weapons.  It’s not like she had pockets, and I can’t tell you precisely what I was afraid of but it was enough of a moment to prevent me from pulling over and asking.  I did however phone the police to inform them because she obviously needed help.  I got about ½ way through my 1st sentence and dispatch asked “Are you calling about the naked lady?  We’re on our way.”  Shortly afterward I was out again and saw a police car, ambulance, and paramedics near where I saw the woman, so I’ll run with the idea she got help.   

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