Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013 - A Good Deed

Never let it be said that I don’t perform an occasional good deed.  In fact, today’s good deed might cover me from needing to perform another one for many months.  Is your curiosity peeked?  What exactly was this good deed?  This afternoon I swung by the grocery store and as I was walking to the bottle return this elderly man riding one of those electric carts that the store provides pulled up next to his car.  I see him getting himself situated to move from the cart to the car and I continue on my way.  When I exit the bottle return the man is still sitting in the cart, occasionally looking over his shoulder, repositioning his cane.  All those little things that say “Um, I need to get out of this cart but I think I am stuck.”  So being the occasionally nice person I can be, I wander over and ask if he needs a hand, or more specifically an arm to lever himself up.  He says sure but he’s not sure that will work.  This was my first sign that this might be more complicated.  So I stand next to him and the cart and let him grab my elbow/arm thinking that might give him the leverage he needs.  Yeah, no!  He barely moved before he gave up.  So I toght maybe if I grabbed his arm I could help lift him, but he said that his shoulder wasn’t in the best shape and asked if maybe I could give him a push.  Yes, you read that correctly.  So I went behind him and I’m thinking… maybe I can push him from his lower back but then all I can imagine is pushing him with enough force that he’d end up face planted in the parking lot.  So there I am, and he starts to try and stand and I realize my only option is to “lift” the guy before he flops back into the seat.  So I suck it up, put my hands on his butt and “lift”.  Oh it doesn’t end there, he’s standing and then proceeds to ask me if I can return the electric cart to the store.  Um sure but I haven’t a clue how to operate one so he gives me the cliff notes version.  Oh, by the way you actually have to SIT in the thing to make the engine engage.  So there I am driving the cart from the parking lot with people looking at me with that look, the one that says “What the heck is this able bodied woman doing driving the cart.

Needless to say I gave myself an "atta girl" for the day

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