Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 - A Question of Etiquette

Every once in awhile I’ll encounter a stranger who is wearing something unusually or snazzy and I’ll think “Wow that’s a cool.”   In those instances it’s not uncommon for me to actually tell the person that I like the outfit.  Heck just the other day I told some muscle head that his T-shirt was cool.  It had a stick figure struggling to pick up a weight bar and it said “just one more rep.”  I was amused and said so.

Yesterday I was at the local grocery store and as is fairly common there was a young man with the waist of his jeans hitched below his butt.  Side note:  How tight dows that belt have to be to keep the pants hitches at that level… just above the thing and below his ass?  Are there invisible suspenders?  Tape like some women use to keep strapless dress and boobs in place?  Seriousl how does this work, this is well beyond plumbers crack.  Hey maybe Plumbers should try this look?  Anyway his pants are so low that that they are exposing his black multi colored polka dot boxers.  Would it have been inapporiate to say “Hey Dude, nice boxers!”  Which was my second thought the 1st being “Pull Up Your Pants.”  I’m assuming if you are exposing your boxers to such a degree you want people to (a) notice and (b) comment.  What I’m waiting for is the day I see a pair of Superman or Spong Bob Square Pants boxers then I doubt I’ll be able to contain myself.

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  1. Luckily that trend hasn't really caught on here in Canada, well not that I have seen, mind you I do live out in the Boonies lol

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA did we have the same day? Did you see my blurb about where's waldo?

    I have been known to tell people that I wish they would pull up their pants. and one regular contractor I call uncle cracker due to his inability to keep his pants up.