Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 6, 2013 - I Down 5 to Go

I finally finished one of the gardens.  I was trying to get them all pristine before I ordered the mulch.  Much to my chagrine I was lazy about the other gardens and the one I just completed filled back up with weeds.  I hate that.  So I bit the bullet ordered the mulch and I'm going to finish by tomorrow.  One way or the other.  Frankly if I get 3 of the gardens complete with mulch I'll consider it a win, but whatever I finish tomorrow, that's it.

Garden 1: The finished product... so far

Now I'm off to meet my friend Kerry for lunch, then it's to the Night Terror Doctor, and then.... this is the really good part (other than lunch) I'm going sailing with Dad.  He got the boat in the water this past weekend and tonight is the "Wednesday Night Beer Can Race."   I used to sail these with him years ago and I hated them because (a) it was me and my Dad and the 1st few we did we came in after dark and there I was standing on the bow of the boat with a friggin flashlight looking out for rocks.  Yeah not fun.  (b) if there was no wind Dad hated to give up where as I'm thinking where's the fun?  However, since I was away the last 3 years he's had 3 other people sailing these races with him and they know what they are doing and I don't have to worry about coming in after dark with just the 2 of us.  Why that is comforting to me I have no idea.  Now I might still hate the actual race part, but I love sailing and I figure I don't ever have to go again if I hate it.

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