Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013 - Bits and Bobs

The Girlie:
I took her to the vet yesterday for a kennel cough shot and they took the time to weigh her and clip her nails.  I may have to change her pet name from “Girlie” to “Big Girl”.  She’s just about 10 months old and 71 pounds.  The good news they still say she isn’t fat… I don’t think I believe them.  The bad news they think she is still going to break 80 pounds.

Gas Station News:
So this weekend I went to put gas in the car and I was a hairs breath from experiencing one of those, sometimes funny, always scary.  I’m filling the car with gas and the girl a pump over drives away and I hear “clunk” and I see that she’s pulled away from the pump with the gas hose still stuck in her tank.  Thankfully it came out of the car without ripping off the pump or spewing gas everywhere.  If that had happened I’m fairly certain my only reaction would have been to run away.

Weekend News:
L and I are heading to Washington DC tomorrow.  The beastly ones are staying home with our house sitter/dog sitter.  We’re having breakfast with our congresswoman, then they set up a tour of the Capital and then we’re doing a Segway tour of the monuments on our own.   I promise if any of us fall off the Segway we will post pictures.  Well if I fall off the Segway.  Since we are going to be there L’s niece found a 5K in DC that I (we) can run on Saturday.  It’s a good way to try and stay on track with my running.

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