Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013 - When Did Rape Become Cool?

Once again I find myself reading about a story where 3 teenage boys “allegedly” raped a 12 year old girl at gun point.  It would seem that they were so very proud of themselves and their actions that they videotaped it and posted the rape on their Facebook pages.  I’m torn about what I find more appalling: (a) The fact that these 3 boys raped a young girl.  (b)That they raped a young girl and thought “Hey let’s tape this as a trophy so … I don’t know… so they could watch all the action again like it’s what a vacation video?”  Or that they did (a) and (b) and then (c) posted it on Facebook because…. Again what?  That it’s such a cool thing to do that they want all their “friends” to watch them? I guess there is some small consolation that they least they are making it easy on the police to find evidence.  I’m also pleased that they are being tried as adults, but I’m stuck wondering … again…. What is wrong with people?  Sure I can say teenagers are stupid, because they are.  I certainly was when I was a teenager.  They typically don’t have the let’s say experience to think beyond the immediate action they are about to take part in to think of the possible ramifications and consequences but hey I’m talking common stupidity: drinking and driving, shoplifting, getting into a fist fight.  When did teenagers graduate to rape at gun point?  When did teenagers get so stupid that watching a girl be sexually assaulted is considered “funny” and doesn’t require intervention?  Maybe this happened when I was a teenager and its just social media that makes us more aware, but it’s appalling that this goes on and I am sure there will be a backlash that somehow the girl should have known not to put herself in the situation.  When will we get to the point where boys/men/society says “Rape, under any circumstances is not ok”?  When will we accept that if someone can’t or does not consent, forced sex is not ok? 

I know there are alot of good men out there who would never rape a woman, even if she were dancing around naked, drunk, saying “yes yes I want to have sex with  you” and then 5 minutes later changed their mind and said… No.  The good man would walk away, frustrated perhaps, but there are lots of good men who would. 

I just realized I just don't get it and I don't want to, I want it to stop.

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