Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013 – Powerball and Ice Cream

Apparently they go hand in hand.  At least that is my excuse.  I am officially blaming powerball for my failure to avoid both Ben & Jerry.  The lottery is something like $300 million tonight and what the heck, that’s worth the $2 for a chance, because Yes I really would like to figure out what I would do with all that money.  Here’s the rub, the likelihood that I will win Powerball is slim to none.  Oh and those evil lottery people are in cahoots with the ice cream people because you can’t buy a powerball ticket without venturing into a place that also sells ice cream.  How’s a girl supposed to avoid the ice cream when she’s in an emotionally fragile state?  I’m suffering from PMS.. well MS the “P” is past.  Oh fine, I admit it, the powerball ticket was just an excuse to buy the damn ice cream and it was good.  GREAT even.  I may not win the lottery but I enjoyed the ice cream.  Oh and yes I did work out again today with the trainer, and yes she did kill me again although not quite as bad.  It could be because I’m a little stiff from the other day and the fact that I am working out with her tomorrow too.  Ohh and do you all know what Burpee’s are?  I didn’t.  Now I do.  Plus I can attest to the fact that the name “Burpee” doesn’t do the exercise justice… but calling it “throwupees” probably wouldn’t entice people to do them.

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