Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013 - And More Randomness

Alrighty - so yesterday I worked out with the new trainer and this evening my legs are starting to stiffen up.  What's the solution to this in CAB's world?  Go running with your sister in a short while. 
Well not "your" sister, rather MY sister.  She should be here in 30 minutes which should be plenty of time for me to drag my butt out of this chair.  Plenty of time...  Can someone lend me a hand?

Tomorrow is day 2 of my workout with the trainer by then I should be either slightly more cripple or slightly less.  Either way we will be having a repeat performance because it will only get better.

Have I mentioned that I have started volunteering at Planned Parenthood?  I have.  Not at one of the clinics but in the state corporate office helping out with some clerical and data related stuff.  The people are very nice and I'm having a good time.

Why is it that the dogs (a) insist on playing tag INSIDE the house and (b) insist on incorporating me as part of the obstacle course?

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