Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 – Weekend Update


I ran a 5K race this weekend.  I had been running fairly well a few months ago but fell off the track and have only started back again a week or two ago.  As a result, my race goal was just to finish the thing.  I managed to force myself to run the 1st 2 miles without walking but after that all bets were off.  There was even a moment where I was trying to figure out if there was a shortcut but considering I didn’t have a clue where I was I just followed the crowd.    I walked and ran the last mile and finished the race in 35:04.  I consider it a win.  Oh and did I mention the running mystery?  During the race I kept passing this woman wearing a pink sweatsuit that said “Phi Theta Pink” on the back.  I went by this outfit at least 5 times and after the 3rd time I started to wonder if there were several woman wearing similar things.  Like maybe a team or fundraiser.  Especially because I would pass this her while she was walking but never saw her pass me. Turns out it was the same woman and she must just be very stealthy when she would run past me.  That or I was too busy looking for a shortcut to notice when she would past me.



I’m still working quite a bit in the gardens trying to get them under control the majority of the flower beds are/were pretty overgrown.  I have the front beds cleaned up but I am waiting for a friend to come and remove several of the bushes that have gotten too large.  Then I need to replace those.  Then there are quite a few plants that need to be split.  I’m working on cleaning up the beds in the back yard so I can split those plants and transplant them to the back.



Well this one is easy.  The beastly boy looks good and the girlie is HUGE

They do "do" things other than sleep, it's just tougher to get a picture of them.

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