Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013 - Bacon

Some time ago I bought a package of Turkey Bacon, it was on sale and I thought I would give it a whirl because I think Turkey Pepperoni is ok.  So here’s what I’ve discovered after several tests:


(1)   You can tell yourself you can’t tell the difference between bacon Bacon and Turkey Bacon.  You’re deluding yourself.

(2)   You know who can’t tell the difference between Bacon and Turkey Bacon?  Dogs.  Dogs just don’t care.  It hits the floor they think “FOOD” and swallow it before they can even taste it.  Hell they have the same reaction when a fork hits the floor.  It came from the counter, it hit the floor, it MUST be FOOD.  Not really a ringing endorsement.

(3)   You know why Turkey Pepperoni is ok versus Turkey Bacon?  They are small, round, bit sized, and loaded with spices.  Turkey Bacon is kind of like chewing on cardboard but more difficult.

(4)   If I am ever going to go through the effort of making bacon again, you can bet it will be real.

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