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March 19, 2013 - Book Review - Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne Heidt

Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne Heidt
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Genre: Romance/Fiction/Paranormal

Book Description from Amazon

“Successful artist Natalie Chambers impulsively buys a Victorian house overlooking the Pacific Ocean after her divorce. Immediately, her dreams are haunted by Sarah and Beth, two lovers from the past and the Dark Man who controlled their lives. When she begins to look for explanations for the things going bump in the night, the only answer she can get from the locals is that several previous owners had fled screaming into the night.

Landscaper Van Easton hasn’t had a serious relationship since her partner died. Content to let women and alcohol distract her from her pain, she is surprised at the intensity of emotion that bubbles to the surface after she meets Natalie. Contracted to restore the gardens at Natalie’s house, she refuses to believe that the mansion is haunted. Until the ghostly Dark Man follows her home.

It appears he will stop at nothing to keep the new lovers apart, and the violence continues to escalate. Can they solve the mystery that will set Beth and Sarah free and banish the evil presence in the house? Or will the evil echoes of the past destroy them as well?”

Book Review
3 out of 5 stars

First let me just say that I did enjoy this book and I will look to read other items by Yvonne Heidt.  I think it’s just unfortunate happenstance that just finished reading “Whispering Pines by Mavis Applewater which had an almost identical premise; Haunted house, sisters-in-law who are lovers, evil husband, death/murder… well you get the point. 
So although Sometime Yesterday was a good read and enjoyable, I somehow felt that it was a lite version of Whispering Pines.  I also know that if I had read them in the reverse order I’d be saying “Sometime Yesterday” was a fun beach read.  Surprisingly I didn’t find Van that interesting but I was intrigued by Natalie and her Mom and I would love to see a follow up that developed both Natalie and Mom.  I admit it, I want to know where here art work is going next.

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