Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013 - Weekend Update

My sister and I ran the Hartford 5K on Sunday.  Let me just say it was freaking cold.  My goal was to finish it without walking more than 2x.  Turns out that I managed to run the entire thing and completed it in 34 mins and 11 seconds.  Just the not walking was a huge win for me.  I feel really good about the entire thing.  I will say, however, that at all the places they were handing out water I was wishing for a cup of tea.

I found a weird growth on the beastly boys tail.  With my vast veterinary skills and knowledge I'm guessing its either an infection, a fatty deposit ( a really big fatty deposit), or something else.  So yes, I made an appointment to see the vet this afternoon.

The girlie is working on earning her own beastly nickname but so far I am sticking with the Krakken.  I took her for an hour long walk this morning and she is still full of energy.  Next we're heading outside with the boy to play fetch.  The problem is that I do most of the fetching.

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  1. Awesome! All those hills in Switzerland paid off!