Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 17, 2013 Dreams and Death

Alright, let me just quickly clear up that "no I am not dead."  I have, however, been having this reoccurring dream like thing for the last several months.  It’s not every night but I would say about once a week I dream that I die.  Well it’s sort of a dream.  I’m not actually sure what happens in the dream or "how" I die.  What I do recall is just before I wake up the thought that runs through my head is “OMG I just died.” 
Yes, it is a little creepy to have the thought that I'm dead and it's that thought is what wakes me.  The funny thing is that it doesn’t even startle me awake. I just wake up and it takes me a minute to figure out that I’m not dead. 
Of course I’m not sure what is more weird, the fact that I realize I died in a dream or the fact that when I wake it takes me a minute to figure out that I’m not dead.

Then I'm left wondering what on earth is that supposed to symbolize anyway?  As far as I can tell it still stays within the parameters of that supposed rule that you’re never supposed to see yourself die in a dream.  I don’t and it’s not like that falling sensation.  I just suddenly realize… I’m dead.  Fortunately, I’m not really dead, well unless I am and this is all an illusion.  J

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