Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13, 2013 - On My Mind

* The girlie just got back from the Vet.  They removed her stitches and said that she is able to resume all normal activities.  That and she's 60lbs.  I believe that fully qualifies her as a teenager.  Tomorrow she and I start jogging together.

* Speaking of jogging.  I'm running a 5K with my sister on Sunday.  That should be fun and my goal is to run it without walking.  We shall see.

* I also got a pamphlet in the mail about a 5K race or 1/2 Marathon April 28th.  That's 6 weeks from now.  I'm seriously considering registering for it.  I can use it as a goal and wait to register until mid April.  The major question:  Can I get to the point where I can run 13 miles in 6 weeks?

* L and I have a vacation planned for early April.  We're heading to Saint Maarten and I am soooooo excited.  This one is a rest and relaxtion vacation which means:  Sitting on the beach reading and napping.  I'm stocking up on books now.

* Just a random aside... all these Lawyer TV commercials "Have you been denied for Social Security... contact..."  They bug the crap out of me, because the implication is that you need a lawyer to get Social Security Disability benefits when you are legitimately disabled after you have been denied.  Listen people, you don't need a lawyer stealing your money.  It's been my experience that people who are initially denied benefits is because they were missing medical documentation.  Call your doctor and get the medical reports and then refile.  Social Security tells you WHY you were denied.  I'll admit that there are probably instances where you do need a lawyer but most of the time you just need to fill out the forms and make sure your doctors provide the information requested.

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