Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7, 2013 – Snow and Waiting Rooms

I should know not to go to the grocery store before a “major” storm.  I did consider buying up all the milk and bread and then attempting to sell it on the black market tomorrow and Saturday when the storm really hits.   Of course, I realized that putting that cash into the stock market might be smarter since there is no guarantee that the storm will actually be as predicted.  We all need jobs where we can be wrong most of the time and still get paid.  My personal weather prediction for the weekend:  There will be weather.

Oh on another note, I went to the GYN yesterday and no I will not share any graphic details.  I will say that it was the most amusing waiting room experience I have had in awhile.  I’m sitting in the waiting room and there is this couple next to me.  I’m assuming husband and obviously pregnant wife, the wife gets called into the back.  She asks her husband to come and he says “What the heck for?” Then he turns to me and says “This is number 3 I already know the deal.”  Fortunately I managed to use my inside voice which responded:  “yeah but do you know the deal that just got struck when you responded that way to your pregnant aka “hormonal” wife?”

A few minutes later a female sales rep walks out of the office and she’s wearing tights that have a fishnet pattern.  Seriously fishnet patterned tights.  I guess that is better than actual fishnet stockings.  Oye

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