Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013 – A Revolting Discovery, and other things

I went to the gym this morning and got a decent workout in.  Initially, I did a short warm-up on one of the elliptical trainers.  Generally I try to keep some space between me and the next person and this morning that was pretty easy as there was only one other guy on the ellipticals and he was 3 over.  Why is that important?  Well he was wearing headphones and apparently one of his favorite songs came on because he started singing along… loudly.  Picture some of the worst American Idol tryouts.  That was this guy.  I started giggling so much I finally gave up on my warm up and moved.

After I got back home the beastly boy and I were getting ready to go outside and of course we want the girlie to come with us, but I couldn’t find her.  Then I heard her drinking water so I assumed she was in the kitchen.  Yeah, well we know what happens when we assume right.  Well sure enough the girlie made an ass out of me.  Ther she was going to town drinking out of the toilet.  That’s the revolting thing.  Come on, she has a nice big bowl of fresh water that I just put in her bowl, is she drinking that?  No she’s totally ignoring it for the toilet.  Disgusting although I guess it’s good to know that if we ever accidently let her alone for several days she’d be resourceful enough to not die of thirst, but still it’s revolting.

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