Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013 - Mammograms and Ultrasounds


Saturday I had my annual boob crushing a.k.a Mammogram.  I think my sister has the better idea she and her friends try to schedule their mammograms for the same day.  Then they have Mammograms and Margarita’s.  Not that mammograms are that unpleasant but a follow-up margarita would certainly make the experience much more enjoyable.

So today I got a phone call saying that my GYN had ordered a follow up ultrasound because I have “dense” breast tissue.  My response to that was “what does that mean?”  The poor person on the phone didn’t understand that I didn’t mean “what does I need an ultrasound mean?” but rather “Why do I need an ultrasound, dense tissue aside… was there a problem that would warrant the need?”  It seems the only problem is that my tissue is dense and the law requires that they offer me the opportunity for a “medically necessary” ultrasound.  Who could possibly turn down an offer like that, especially when you figure out that the meaning is, they didn’t get a good enough picture with the regular mammogram so we’re moving to the deluxe option.  It’s like winning the lottery, but not.  Someone tell me that at the very least I don’t have to have mt breasts smooshed between two plates for the ultrasound.

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  1. You do not get squished.... you just get lubed up and get rolled

    1. LOL wow that sounds... well... hmmm

  2. I have dense breast tissue too! ha. Really though - it just means we have young breasts (tissue is thicker in younger breasts). It also means that it's not as easy to get a perfectly clear picture with a mammogram, so an ultrasound is called in for back up. It's significantly kinder on your breasts than the squishy method. DeeAnn said it best, "lubed and rolled."