Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3, 2013 – Random Things to Start The New Year

-          I can guarantee that I will incorrectly write the year as 2012 for the rest of this month

-          L and I spent New Year’s Day with friends playing Bunko and participating in a Yankee Swap.  Now let me explain that this particular Yankee Swap is set up to be funny, a way to re-gift something you don’t need or perhaps something that was so incredibly tacky that you had to share.  Since L and I didn’t really have anything that fell into either category she went out and found a “Santa Snuggy” which was funny.  However, the winner was a Christmas Angel ornament made out of a tampon.  Yes you read that correctly.  (1) I can believe someone actually made the thing, (2) they included a poem so that the person they gave it to would know exactly what it was and (3) the person who used it in the Yankee Swap was the original recipient of the “gift”.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.  The look on the guy’s face that picked the angel, when he read the poem was priceless.  Horrified… yet priceless.

-          Jaime is growing like a weed.  The latest photo of the beastly boy and Jaime…

-          Speaking of Jaime, the girlie really enjoys the snow.  Running in it, sticking her head in the snow banks, and eating it.

-          Oh.. Resolutions.  Yeah I haven’t got any.  I mean really why would I make any?  Nothing has changed from years past.  I still want to try and be healthier, exercise more, read more.  Oh wait I can resolve to get my consulting business of the ground and running.  That is a good resolution.

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