Friday, January 18, 2013

January 16, 2013 – Working Out aka Pain and Suffering

I just finished my workout this morning and I’m hoping that sooner rather than later I wont be so readily reminded about how out of shape I am.  That and I was forced to wonder how the heck those biggest loser contestants aren’t throwing up during EVERY workout, that or dead.  This was a 30 minute workout and the last exercise was referred to as a “metabolic boost.”   Well it turns out that’s a euphemism for get your cardio up until you feel like you are either going to faint or throw up.   Although I felt like both for a few minutes I’m happy to report that I didn’t actually do either.  Which brings me back to the biggest loser, thank God I am not working out with Jillian or Bob, and those contestants have to be throwing up all over the place but after the first day that doesn’t make good TV.  All I can say is (a) my stamina better start getting better soon and (b) I better show some weight loss this week

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