Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012 – Whatnot

I have no idea what happens to my days but I turn around and a bunch of days have gone by before I’ve posted an update.  So here goes…

Did I happen to mention the unfortunate gingerbread man squeaky toy incident?  My parents have a dog who had a squeaky toy in the shape of a gingerbread man.  Several weeks ago Jaime discovered the gingerbread man and yes she LOVED that toy.  Heck she’d run right past the dog food on the floor to get to that toy.  One day the gingerbread man lost an arm.  I managed to retrieve the arm with my Dad’s help before Jaime swallowed it.

A few days later we’re back over the house and I lose sight of Jaime for a couple mins.  When I find her she has the gingerbread man but now there is no way he is going to be singing that song about running as fast as he can.  He’s missing both his legs.  Me, in a blissful state of denial I ask Mom and Dad if my brothers’ dog ripped off the legs.  They didn’t know and frankly I couldn’t find them and assumed that she couldn’t have amputated them in 2 mins time.

We know what happens when we assume… a few days later Jaime threw up one of the legs, of course denial is a beautiful thing and I still didn’t make the connection to with what she threw up and the gingerbread man.  That is until a few days later when she threw up and identical looking substance and I made the connection.

Other Stuff

Fat Pants
I finally gave in and bought a new pair of jeans.  I can no longer say my pants are too tight.  Now I have to say I’m wearing my fat pants.  They weren’t that tight but I hate that feeling where the damn pants are always telling you they are there.  *sigh* Plus I had to accept that although I will lose this extra weight it’s going to take more than a week or two.

I misplaced my interest in reading from September until just recently.  I finally seem to be back on track. It could be that I was just struggling with the books I was trying to read but I finished those and things have started to click mentally.  So yeah, reading is fundamental.

Working Out
Which obviously relates back to the fat pants, I haven’t made it to a spin class yet but I have managed to get my butt to the gym a few times.  I count that as a win and figure it gets me one step closer to going more frequently.

Yes, I have officially started working for myself contracting out my crystal reports writing, and business analyst services.

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