Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 - The Big Weigh In

You might think I am referring to my own weight/weight loss program but that would just be a sad blog.  On the other hand the beastly boy is THRILLED to announce that he has lost 2.5 pounds since returning to the US and starting his weight loss regime. 

I knew he had to have lost some weight as I found him on our bed the other day and today he hopped up into the back seat of the car with no effort.  Hey you might not think 2.5 pounds is alot, but when you're a dog that means the difference between napping on the hard floor and sneaking up onto the forbidden bed.  That's alot.  12 more doggie pounds to go and he'll be back to the ideal.  Now if I could just lose the 12 pounds as well.  Maybe I should start eating kibble.

I also discovered that if I cut the beasts hair he looks thinner... not better mind you... just thinner... well or homeless.

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