Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012 - Update

I don't know where I have been but I apologize for the long delay.  Here's a brief update
I need to start reading again but the books I was attempting to read were killing me.  So I have decided to put them aside and find something mindless that puts me back on track.

Life is full of surprises and long forgotten memories that when actually remember are surprises.  Today for example, I forgot how exciting it can be when a dog goes to the back door because she needs to go outside to pee.  I also had forgotten what it felt like to realize you are once again reduced to talking about pee and poop and if the dog managed to avoid any accidents, which is another way of saying that I managed to not lose track of the dog.  Thank God she is still cute but getting bigger every day.

I’m also not sure how bright the puppy is, not to say she is stupid but how many times can she run under the coffee table, know she needs to duck on the 1st end and then knock herself senseless coming out from under it on the other side?  Oh wait… 6 times and counting.


I’ve been called for jury duty in January.  We have a one and done deal.  Serve one day and if you aren’t called you are done.  The last time I was called was in the 90’s when I was working in Human Resources and responsible for the self insured Workers’ Compensation Program, as well as the Disability and Unemployment areas.  The case was a bodily injury one, needless to say I was rejected.  We didn’t even get to my employment background in the questions.  They asked me if I knew the doctors involved in the case and I said yes.  Then they asked if that might affect my judgment and I was honest and said “maybe”.   Anyway, I’m kind of interested to see what happens this time around.  I kind of hope I do get selected to go through the Voir Dire process again.  Although if it’s a bodily injury case that could be tough since I have very strong opinions when it appears people are working the system.  It pisses me off when people malinger or fraudulently claim injuries/problems because it makes it more difficult for people who truly need WC or Disability benefits to get those benefits. 

My sister is an accountant and she’s been called several times, but my favorite story of hers is when she went through the Voir Dire process and they explained that it had to do with someone who borrowed money and then defaulted on the loan.  The loan was sold to someone else and the person who borrowed the money felt they shouldn’t be responsible for paying it back to the people who bought the loan because they “knew” they bought bad debt.  If I remember the story correctly my sister said it’s simple accounting “They borrowed the money… they OWE the money.”  LMAO needless to say she was passed dismissed.


Happy Tuesday

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  1. Very glad to see you have not lost your mind totally over the puppy.

    How is the new kitchen now that you have lived in it for a bit?

  2. You got the story exactly right. Love, Your Favorite Sister

  3. I'm reminded of that lolcat photo of a puppy with his feet in his waterbowl, and the caption "Puppies are pretty much retarded". Haha!

    The subject of jury duty has come up a number of times, recently. People I know keep getting requested for jury duty, usually people who can't go or don't want to go. Yet I'd LOVE to go, and I never get the letter.

    It sounds like you are busy and happy. :^D