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November 27, 2012 Book Review: Something So Grand by Lynn Galli

Something So Grand by Lynn Galli

Publisher: Penikila Press, LLC

Genre: Romance

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As a designer for the wealthy, Vivian Yeats doesn’t have a lot of time for a relationship. Not the kind of relationships she’s had in the past, anyway. She’s always settled for compatibility or common interests or misplaced enthusiasm when it comes to partners. Despite being her favorite subject in books and on screen, romance constantly eludes her.

For Natalie Harper, romance has never been on her radar. She prefers working hard at her construction job and doing good work to guide her through her days. When she meets Vivian, she’s knocked off that focused path. They become successful colleagues and good friends. Could romance become the thing they do best together?

2.5 out of 5 stars

Natalie is works in construction for a contactor named Cal.  At one time Cal may have been reliable but as we are introduced to him he’s shady and running into financial issues.  Vivian is a designer who over the years has used Cal and his construction company for many of her projects.  Cal’s underhanded business practices are made extremely evident when he has his crew walk off Vivian’s latest project.  This opens the door for Natalie to quit working for Cal and start her own contractor business.

I’ve read all of the books that Lynn Galli has published.  For me they are enjoyable, easy read where I can get caught up in the story and relax.  That was also true for this story, but I have to admit that for me this particular story and he characters felt somewhat one dimensional.  There was no real conflict Natalie and Vivian meet, they work well together, there’s an attraction, they get together and things go along smoothly the entire way.  There are a few instances where the story alludes to potential issues in Natalie’s life.  There is a brief encounter with her parents, a few instances where Cal attempts to undermine Natalie’s new business but none of these things have any impact on the story or seemingly on Vivian and Natalie’s blossoming relationship.

What this story did do for me was make me go back and re-read Lynn’s story “Mending Defects”

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  1. Odd that she left out the key ingredient for a good story: conflict. I wonder if she went back and used an early story that was originally rejected? I've heard of successful authors doing that; tweak it a bit and send it out again.