Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012 - Puppy Update

This is Jamie:

We picked her up on Friday when she was officially 8 weeks old.  I have to say she's "fairly" calm for a puppy.  I'm willing to bet that it's just a ploy to lull us into a false sense of security.  The beastly boy is not terribly thrilled with her presence but seems to be adjusting.  This morning he even attempted to play with her outside.  It strange to see a 60 pound dog bark and pounce at a puppy and then run away.  Then Jamie pounces at him and barks.  Too cute.

Speaking of cute... Friday evening we decide its time to head to bed.  We put the girlie into her crate, which btw is in our bedroom right next to the beastly boy's crate.  She starts to whine, which we expected, but then her voice suddenly gets deep and she HOWLS. I swear to god HOWLS.  I have no idea how such a small puppy could get her voice to go so deep that she could actually make the sound that left her little body.  That lasted about 20 mins and she finally either passed out from exhaustion or she gave up.  Have I mentioned Murphy's Law recently?  Of course Murphy came for a visit after the puppy settled down.  Some time shortly after she gives up howling I have a full blown night terror.  You know the drill:  CAB's asleep-ish thinks she sees a Spider, starts screaming like someone is killing her, tries to run away.  All the while L is trying to keep me from launching myself off the bed/console me while waiting for me to wake up and realize its not real.  Which of course wakes the puppy so when I am done screaming she starts howling again.  Oye.

Saturday evening was better for the girlie and the crate, and last night was even better... no howling at all.  So hopefully she is learning the crate is not a bad place.

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  1. Darn cute puppy.

    Want to see more pictures of the kitchen.

    And the surgery ;)