Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 2, 2012 - Ironic

I've noticed that last two morning when I am out walking the dog and I come across a stranger that I have to make an effort not to say "Hello" in either German or Swiss German.  Considering that is the only thing I have said to strangers over the last 2 1/2 years I guess its not a surprise that it's my 1st reaction.

Kitchen Renovation Day 2

I know the guy did a lot of work but it didn't look as dramatic as day 1.  However, they did map out where all the cabinets, appliances, and lighting is going for the other workers coming in over the next couple of days.  It's kind of cool to see the stuff marked out on the floor.  I especially like the peninsula we are getting.  L and I negotiated that.  I gave up the ceiling fan (she hated the fan) in exchange for some additional working space.  Considering I have put my hand into the moving ceiling fan on no less than 3 occasions I think I got a good deal.

Did I mention that the house is essentially empty?  We received a notification that the shipping container left port as planned yesterday.  So it should arrive in the US in a couple of weeks.  Then it has to make it through customs and then onto a truck and delivered here.  Here's to hoping that the timing works and the kitchen is done or mostly done by that time.

Oh and along the lines of the house being empty.  We borrowed some camping chairs from my sister so we have something to sit on in the living room.  I'm not sure that my sister intended on this being how they are used, but the beast seems particularly happy with the comfort of this chair.

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  1. Is there anything I can help you out with?

    1. Not at the moment but thank you for the kind offer. Things appear to be going according to plan. Unless you have a magical way to get the beast to stop barking at EVERYTHING he sees :D

  2. I love the beastly boy. He can relax all over that chair. Love, Your Favorite Sister.

  3. It will be fun. Of course I would have my fingers in every part of it but I suppose you don't want to learn how to mud a wall.