Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012 - 4AM

Yes, it's 4am and I can't sleep.  I hate when that happens because that means at 7am I'll be in a coma.  Well that or I'll be grumpy from lack of sleep.  Let's shoot for a nap later this morning.

Yesterday there was a break in the kitchen activity.  The floor has been shored up, the walls and ceiling are prepped and ready to go.  Next step: the tile guy.  He is supposed to show up either late today or Friday as he is finishing up another job.  Honestly, I've enjoyed brief respite from the nail gun.

The granite arrived yesterday as well, not here, but to the place we ordered it from.  It's called "Silver Pearl", which is interesting considering it's black but it does have some flecks of silver/copper running through it.  Seeing it as a giant slab was more cool than I anticipated and got me excited about how the counters are going to look.  Yes, I should have brought my camera to take a picture of it but things were a bit crazy yesterday and I didn't have time to run back home before heading to the stone place.  However, we're planning on heading back up on Saturday so L can see the tile I think will look nice as a back splash.  I'll try and take pictures then.

What happened that had me running around yesterday?  Did I mention that when my sister moved out of the house she moved into a condo that she bought, just a couple miles from here?  She did, and I am thrilled she is close by.  Anyway, she had her washer/dryer delivered the other day and it appeared that where the hose attaches to the water line, there was a slow leak.  Now, me with all of my plumbing training (that's sarcasm) assumed that maybe we just needed to wrap the threads of the line with teflon tape.  My Dad thought that should be unnecessary and that maybe she just needed another rubber gasket, doohickey.  Turns out we were both wrong.  My sister needed a plumber because the leak only appeared to be coming from where the hose attaches to the spicket.  It was actually coming from a crack that was behind the doohickey and above the emergency water shutoff flippy switch thing on the doohickey.  See this is where all my plumbing training shines through.  Technical plumbers terms roll right off my tongue.  However, I refuse to have plumbers crack so this really was never a career for me.

Oh and did I mention that although it was a slow leak, it was enough of a leak that her only options were (a) turn the water off for the entire condo and (b) get a plumber in asap.  She was wicked lucky that the second plumber she called answered his phone and was only 10 mins away and he had time to swing by and take a look.  15 minutes of actual plumber work and a new dookickey spicket thingy later and the leak was solved.  He was actually there for about an hour because we (I helped) were testing with the washing machine to make sure that the leak was really fixed.

Overall it was a banner day.

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  1. Your Favorite Sister thanks you profusely! Love, Mare