Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012 – Murphy Strikes

I should have known that today was going to be stressful.  It was bound to happen.  I didn’t sleep well last night, I had a minor night terror and a couple in the room next door shall we say is a wee bit vocal when partaking in certain activities.  Now, I’ll admit to finding the couple extremely entertaining because “Dave” is either extremely proficient or last night was a re-enactment of that famous diner scene in “When Harry Met Sally.”

So what has me stressed today?  Nothing life threatening, I’m putting my reaction off to being tired and having a splitting headache but I spoke with our bank about how we can pay outstanding bills online after we move because there is a lag between leaving and the last set of bills.  They politely informed me that we can’t because the account has to be closed.  Um… ok.

They suggested contacting the credit card company and having the address change to the US address so we can get the bill and pay it or see if we can get the bill electronically.

Sooo…. I call the credit card company and make my 1st mistake by telling them it’s me and not L.  They run me through 8 million security questions only to tell me: (a) L has to call to change the address (b) The only electronic statement would be sent to the bank (c) oh and if your bank account is closed you can’t have a credit card.

Ummm.. ok
So now I explain that the issue isn’t that we want to keep said credit card, or that we want to keep the bank account but that we want to make sure the credit card is PAID properly and how do we do that?  They brilliantly inform me that we pay the credit card in advance.  Ok so what is the balance on the credit card?  They can’t tell me because I’m not L.  Can you tell me if you received the payment that we sent on 9/20 for XXX chf?  No, because…. I’m not L.

Seriously, could we make being a responsible adult who wants to make sure everything clears and is paid off any more difficult?  Actually, I am sure they could.  Thank god for cash and Peanut M&M’s

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  1. I had a stressful day, too. John came down to help me unload the shelves in the basement and take them apart and I was overwhelmed by how much was down there. Then I hit my finger with a rubber mallet and it started to bleed (my DNA is now in spots on your cellar floor) and then I washed the cut and had John put bandaids on for me and then I just started to cry. Poor John tried his best to calm me down. Thank God we got a lot done. Love, Your Favorite Sister

  2. >> “Dave” is either extremely proficient or last night was a re-enactment of that famous diner scene in “When Harry Met Sally.”

    Haha! That reminds me of a British TV show called "Spaced". The main characters get an apartment by pretending to be a couple. Now and then she jumps on the bed to make the springs squeak while he's reading a magazine and shouting "Oh! Oh! Oh!"