Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012 – 10 Days and Counting

Well maybe that’s 11 days,  in 11 days we will be on a plane flying back home and I’ll admit that I am starting to get anxious.  Not the I’m looking forward to going home anxious, although I am, but rather the “OMG there is a lot to get done between now and then” anxious.

So today I got the stuff in the kitchen ready for the movers, which is in part actually packing some things because I have the original boxes the set of dishes came in, despite the fact that the movers are actually supposed to pack us up.  It’s just that I’ve learned sometimes it’s easier and safer to put things in the boxes they were born in.  For example:  My computer desktop and monitor.  Those will go back in their original boxes because they have those foam forms that hold both items perfectly.  The amusing thing will be that the packers will then take those two boxes, wrap them up in something and stick them in yet another box.  At least that is what happened when we moved here.  Yes, I am rolling my eyes at the insanity of that but what do I care?

I think we have all of our bills paid to date and slightly in advance.  Tomorrow we “de-register” and then I have to go to the bank and transfer some funds from here to the US.  Yes, I can say “we have a Swiss bank account” although it’s not for the same reasons as Mitt Romney.  Friday the movers show up and the process begins.


The ½ Marathon

Over this last weekend my right knee got a little “hinky” and yes that is a medical term.  It was actually pretty painful on Sunday especially when I would try and go down stairs.  It almost feels like my knee was locked or hitching on something.  Hence “hinky”.  It’s finally feeling better, I can go down stairs no problem, but walking up the hill yesterday I could still feel it pulling.  So, although I wanted to give this race a try I don’t have any desire to cripple myself in the process.

Kitchen Renovations
We're all set for a start of October 1st.  I ordered the dumpster and the floor tile.  Which I believe were the last two critical items I needed to take care of for the project to begin.

My last day of work for the company I have been working for is officially September 30.  Then I need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I think I want to give true consulting a whirl.  More on that later.  1st I have to get through the move back home, the kitchen, and the arrival of a new puppy. 

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  1. Sorry about knee. I fight this every day. I actually pushed the bike into work today, my knee was acting up.

    Hope stress level will get lower for you both.

    new puppy?