Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012 – Random

Well I finally got off my lazy butt and went to a slow short 3 mile run.  Slow being the key word.  Tomorrow the goal is to do a slow long run, which I suspect will be a walk/run but I’m thinking if I can get 10 or 11 miles in I’ll feel better about the prospects of this ½ marathon next Saturday.

We have to start packing up some things for the move back home, I’m not even sure where to begin.  Maybe the thing to do is determine what I need to have with me as soon as we arrive home.  Everything else will arrive about 4 weeks later.

I’m surprised that I am a little apprehensive about going home.  The being home part will be wonderful, but there is so much that will be going one for the 1st 5 or so weeks that there won’t really be any time to settle in and just take a breath.  It’ll all be fine.   I almost feel like I need a list.  Things I want to get done around the house when we arrive, things that HAVE to get done, and then other miscellaneous items.

15 days, I can make it through the next 15 days one day at a time.  Maybe I should say 15 days, 3 cartons of milk, 5 washing machine loads, 1 bottle of mustard, ¼ bottle of ketchup.  Fortunately the weather has cooled dramatically which makes using the milk easier… Hot Chocolate.  Yea.  Sure I could eat cold cereal but I refuse to buy another box before we leave.  I’ll by ketchup before I’ll buy cereal.  There is a better shot we would use the ketchup.  I have been known to eat a ketchup sandwich or two.  It sounds worse than it is.


Happy Friday

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  1. I certainly can't criticize. I've eaten a mayo sandwich or two -- nothing else, just the mayo and bread.