Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012 – Repatriation Part 2.0

In fact I’ve lost count how many times I’ve discussed this, but you can anticipate that I will discuss it several more times and that I will repeat myself.

I’m excited to be heading home, I really am.  At the same time the “process” makes me anxious as we get closer to the actual date.  Why on earth would the going home make me nervous?  It doesn’t it’s the “getting home” that makes me anxious.  I’d like to say it’s because I’m worried about the dog and what the return trip will be like for him.  Sure that’s part of it, and after the hysterical (in every sense of the word) experience of getting him to Switzerland I can anticipate that the beast will replicate the process on the return trip.  Regardless I think the move really feeds into my innate ability to worry over nothing.  My friend Scoty would kick my ass over this since worrying ahead of time doesn’t “DO” anything.  Well at least I’m not worrying every day.  It’s more like moments here and there and seriously what is the worst that can happen?  The Swiss say we can’t leave?  Highly unlikely.

Ok so here’s the things I’m worried about and yes they all relate to the beast:

Once we arrive at Zurich airport:

            How do I get him from the door to check in?  He was a mess walking in on the shiney floors at JFK, Zurich airport has escalators and trains.  Well maybe the train is AFTER check in – I can’t remember.

            Are they going to make me herd him through the security like they did in JFK?  That went so well last time.

Should I drug the boy?  My vet at home advised against it but it might just be the thing to do to take the edge off for the boy.  Hell maybe I should drug myself.

Once we land will his pet passport be enough to get him through customs in the US?  Everything I’ve re-read says yes but you know, one cranky person is all it takes sometimes.

What about letting the boy out to pee once we land, he’s going to have to go and we have a 2 hour car ride after the plane trip.

Seriously if I’m thinking of these things now, I should just drug myself.  Still the countdown continues. 
We're making arrangements:
  • De-register our lovely selves from Switzerland 9/20.  Yes, you must "de-register" from the Canton you live in.  This includes the beastly boy.
  • Moving Company comes and packs our stuff 9/21
  • Loads it into the container 9/24
  • We move to a hotel 9/24
  • Cleaning crew comes to clean the apartment 9/25
  • Apartment handoff back to the leasing company 9/26
  • Fly home 9/29


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