Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012 – ½ Marathon Update

So I’m back to running and hopefully I still have enough time to make a decent showing on September 22.  I’m sure at this point all of you know that I qualify not being taken away by ambulance as a decent showing.

Today we went running by the river because we didn’t head out until 11:30 and its dramatically cooler there because its tree covered and there is a nice breeze.  I also suppose if it became necessary we could also pitch ourselves into the river to cool off.  I wish I had worn my GPS because I haven’t a clue how far we went.  I can say that the 1st was one long gentle incline that took 40 mins.  The return trip was completely downhill and was only 25 mins.  Downhill is so much nicer mentally but I have to admit that now my legs feel like jello.

I’ve also determined that my hair is way too long for running.  Too hot and there is too much wind drag.  Ok I made that last part up.  How about; “my bangs are way too long and making me crazy.”  I also prefer it when I stick my head in a fountain that my hair is spikey versus all crazy and floppy.

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  1. A sweat band to hold your bangs back? Or were they hanging over a sweat band? If so, I guess they have to go!
    I admire your ambition and self-discipline with this training.