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August 18, 2012 - Book Review Remnant by Kate Genet

Remnant By Kate Genet
Genre: Horror/Suspense

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“What would you do if you woke up one morning to find the world you took for granted was gone?

It’s a beautiful sunny day when Cass wakes up to find herself alone. It should be just a normal day – there’s a beach to enjoy with family and friends and the summer is at it’s height. Except today is not a normal day. Today there is no one around. In fact, the only living creatures Cass can see are birds. And a horse. Where is everyone?

As Cass struggles to find other survivors in this strange new world where nature is taking back the land, she discovers that being alone might not be the worst thing. It depends on who or what else is out there.

Pania, meanwhile, is camped out in the empty city of Auckland. She's lost everything and everyone. When a horse wanders up to her one day and leads her back to find Cass, the two women are overjoyed to find each other and the possibility of love and companionship that they thought they'd never have again.

If, that is, the thing watching them from between the trees leaves them alone...”

Book Review
3 1/2 out of 5 Stars

I actually picked up this ebook because I read Baxter Clare’sreview of it on Goodreads sounded intriguing.

The story is creepy in a twilight zone kind of way.  I kept waiting for Cass to either completely lose her mind or wake up and tell us it was all just some weird twisted dream.

I had a little trouble with a few terms that were used in the story, for example I had no clue that Cass was popping acetaminophen when she was talking about needing to take some paracetamol.  Thankfully my Kindle has a built in dictionary because it helped to understand what the heck the character was going on about.

While I was reading this story I spent a lot of time mumbling to myself saying “This is so strange” but in an interesting strange way.  I’ve not read anything like this in a very long time, but I’ll keep my eye out for other titles by Kate Genet.

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  1. I've always enjoyed those "wake up and almost everyone is dead" scenarios. I imagine empty roads, taking any unlocked car I want, free shopping, free real estate...*sigh*