Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012 - Book Review: The Killing Ground by Syd Parker

The Killing Ground (A Foxx Files Thriller) by Syd Parker

Publisher: Syd Parker Books
Genre: Thriller, Crime

Book Description from

“A serial killer is working his way through Chicago. His victims have nothing in common except being pregnant. Detective Rebecca Foxx of the Chicago Detective Division has her hands full trying to catch the murderer before he kills again. She has enough pressure without the overbearing FBI butting in.

FBI Special Agent Jordan Gray isn’t sure what she is in for when a midnight call brings her to her boss’s office. She asks her to take an assignment off the records. Investigate the attack of her partner, but don’t let anyone outside her office know.

It soon becomes obvious that Rebecca resents the FBI’s intrusion and it seems Jordan’s personal attention. With no breaks in the case, she is forced to accept the FBI’s help, but she’ll be damned if she is taking anything else from Jordan.

What follows is a series of missteps and twists and turns that leaves both women wondering if they will ever catch the killer and trying to figure out how to keep their feelings for each other from becoming a distraction.”

Book Review:
3 out 5 stars

The story opens immediately with the killer attacking his next victim, who we quickly learn is the wife/partner of the FBI Assistant Director in Charge.  Needless to say this results in a very specific and personal interest in having this case resolved as quickly as possible with Special Agent Jordan Gray and her partner being asked to work the case “off the books” because the FBI doesn’t have any specific jurisdiction.

I enjoyed the story but there were a few moments where the story felt a little disjointed, where I actually stopped reading and tried to figure out how we got from point A to point C.  I was able to move on from it, but it happened enough that it stuck with me.  The only other thing I was disappointed with was the use of certain language when describing the sex scenes.  This is really a personal preference, but I find that when authors/characters use certain phrases it comes across, in my opinion, as if a male porn star were talking.  Again, for me, this detracts from the overall story.  Then again, I know there are lots of people who would be un-phased.

If Syd Parker comes out with another “Foxx Files Thriller” I would give that one a try because I liked both Jordan and Rebecca, there characters have lot of potential, and I’d like to see what comes of them.

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August 31, 2012 - Book Review – Call of the Wild and Other Short Stories by Georgia Beers

Book Review – Call of the Wild and Other Short Stories by Georgia Beers

Georgia Beers has put together and published 3 short stories under the title “Call of the Wild and Other Short Stories.”  The stories are:

Call of the Wild
Puppy Dog Tale
The New Two-Piece

You can find the e-book here

If you are looking for a way to occupy a lunch break that is more enjoyable than thinking about what’s next on your “To-Do” list, these are 3 fun, typical Georgia Beers style, short stories that certainly deliver.  Each story is approximately 10 – 12 pages long, it’s hard to know with kindle, and I was able to read all of them in an hour.  Of the three stories I think Call of The Wild was my favorite, in part because of the ending, although “The New Two-Piece” was a close runner up.

If you are a fan, or simply like romance, and a little erotica this was a nice way to take a quick break from work. 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012 – Visitor and Weekend Plans

L’s sister is coming for a visit.  She arrives tomorrow morning so being the good hostess, I cleaned the apartment this morning.  I even vacuumed the beastly boy.  Not that I think it will stop his hair from going everywhere by tomorrow, but hey it’s the thought that counts.


D arrives tomorrow, and then Saturday she and I fly to Rome to meet L.  L has been there this week for a business trip so we decided it was a perfect opportunity to tack onto it and get at least one more sightseeing trip done before we head home. 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012 – Repatriation Part 2.0

In fact I’ve lost count how many times I’ve discussed this, but you can anticipate that I will discuss it several more times and that I will repeat myself.

I’m excited to be heading home, I really am.  At the same time the “process” makes me anxious as we get closer to the actual date.  Why on earth would the going home make me nervous?  It doesn’t it’s the “getting home” that makes me anxious.  I’d like to say it’s because I’m worried about the dog and what the return trip will be like for him.  Sure that’s part of it, and after the hysterical (in every sense of the word) experience of getting him to Switzerland I can anticipate that the beast will replicate the process on the return trip.  Regardless I think the move really feeds into my innate ability to worry over nothing.  My friend Scoty would kick my ass over this since worrying ahead of time doesn’t “DO” anything.  Well at least I’m not worrying every day.  It’s more like moments here and there and seriously what is the worst that can happen?  The Swiss say we can’t leave?  Highly unlikely.

Ok so here’s the things I’m worried about and yes they all relate to the beast:

Once we arrive at Zurich airport:

            How do I get him from the door to check in?  He was a mess walking in on the shiney floors at JFK, Zurich airport has escalators and trains.  Well maybe the train is AFTER check in – I can’t remember.

            Are they going to make me herd him through the security like they did in JFK?  That went so well last time.

Should I drug the boy?  My vet at home advised against it but it might just be the thing to do to take the edge off for the boy.  Hell maybe I should drug myself.

Once we land will his pet passport be enough to get him through customs in the US?  Everything I’ve re-read says yes but you know, one cranky person is all it takes sometimes.

What about letting the boy out to pee once we land, he’s going to have to go and we have a 2 hour car ride after the plane trip.

Seriously if I’m thinking of these things now, I should just drug myself.  Still the countdown continues. 
We're making arrangements:
  • De-register our lovely selves from Switzerland 9/20.  Yes, you must "de-register" from the Canton you live in.  This includes the beastly boy.
  • Moving Company comes and packs our stuff 9/21
  • Loads it into the container 9/24
  • We move to a hotel 9/24
  • Cleaning crew comes to clean the apartment 9/25
  • Apartment handoff back to the leasing company 9/26
  • Fly home 9/29


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Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012 – Weekend Roundup

My weekend round up is partially a complaint. 

Meri and I did a long run on Sunday: 10 miles.  Well Meri ran the 10 miles.  I ran 7 and then had to walk/run the rest, intermingled with an occasional whimper.  At one point I also realized that I could walk the same speed that I was jogging so there were enough moments where I did just that to give my legs a break.  None of this is really the complaint portion.  I’m actually really pleased that I was able to do the above and that I’m able to move today without complaint.  Here’s my issue:  2 hours and 6 minutes that’s how long it took us.  2 hours and 6 minutes and all I burned was a 1236 calories.  Seriously, there should be a better reward at the end of that time frame.  At least 1500 calories.  I’m blaming my heart rate for the lack of calories but there is no scientific reasoning behind it.  Although if my heart rate had been higher than the 170 it reached I probably wouldn’t have made the 10 miles.

We went to see The Dark Knight yesterday evening.  I think the movie was almost 3 hours long.  I enjoyed it.  It was fun.  It would have been a lot more fun if they cut out the entire 1st half of the movie.  That dragged.  Oh and surprisingly I liked Ann Hathaway as Catwoman.


That’s pretty much it – a quiet weekend and now it’s back to work

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 24, 2012 - Book Review: Slingshot by Carsen Taite

Slingshot by Carsen Taite
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Genre: Mystery/Crime 


Book Description from the Bold Strokes Website:

“Luca Bennett makes her living looking for people, but her sights aren’t set on lost children separated from their parents at a busy mall or elderly Alzheimer’s patients who wandered from the nursing home. She’s a bounty hunter paid to apprehend fugitives on the lam.

Luca caught her latest job from new-in-town, criminal defense attorney, Veronica “Ronnie” Moreno. Ronnie’s client, seedy local businessman Jed Quitman, failed to show up for court, and Ronnie wants him found right away. With Jed’s mug smiling from dozens of billboards and low-budget, late-night television commercials, Luca figures finding him will be a breeze.

It doesn’t take long for Luca to realize there’s nothing simple about this job, from a stranger threatening her to stay away, to the fiery hot woman who has Luca looking for more than the usual one-night stand. The hunt for Jed quickly turns complicated, and the pursuit is fraught with danger, as is her attraction to the elusive Ronnie Moreno. In a case loaded with twists and turns, can Luca find everything she’s looking for?”

Book Review:
3 ½ out of 5 stars
From the acknowledgements in the book this is Carsen Taite’s first mystery and the first time she has tackled a series.  Luca Bennett is an ex-cop who quite the force under less than auspicious reasons.  Now she is a bounty hunter because the lack of rules and people depending on her suits her personality.  At least according to Luca.

The mystery was interesting, less so in the fact that you almost always know who is behind the crimes, although there are a few characters where you are left guessing as to their involvement and to what degree.  What I think I found more interesting than the crime/mystery was trying to figure out how Luca was going to get out of the mess she was in and who was going to actually help her or betray her.

Overall I think this was a good introduction to the character of Luca and I’m looking forward to seeing another book and how this character develops.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012 – Book Review – Whatever Gods May Be by Sophia Kell Hagin

Book Review – Whatever Gods May Be by Sophia Kell Hagin

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama

Book Summary from the Bold Strokes website:

“Jamie Gwynmorgan doesn’t believe in prayer.  She doesn’t believe in anything much.  Except that people can’t be trusted—certainly not anyone she’s ever met.

But Jamie knows some things.  From experience.  She knows if she died, nobody would give a damn.  Nobody would even notice.  She knows the better she can fight, the safer she’ll be. That’s why she can’t resist the sleek, dark lethality of the weapon—and the recruiter’s promise that yes, if she’s strong enough, good enough, she’ll get to fire that weapon in combat.  She doesn’t care about the uniform.  And screw the pretend-camaraderie.  Only Safe matters—and if she can do combat, then maybe she can fight her way to Safe.

Jamie expects a grueling fight that she might lose.  What she never expects is to win love.”

Book Review:
3 out of 5 stars

I will admit that I judged this book by its’ cover.  I’ve scrolled on by it numerous times over the last couple of years and my reaction was always, “hmmm no”.  On occasion as I was scrolling by I may have read the book summary but I still wasn’t really interested.  Granted, this is all subjective I couldn’t tell you what about the cover didn’t grab me, I just know that if I am in a store or online sometimes the cover itself grabs my attention and makes me pick up a book.  Although, I think it’s the cover/title combination that usually grabs me.

Then a couple of weeks ago I got a coupon from Bella Books.  Yes I know an entirely different publisher but what the heck they were cross selling and the coupon tipped me over the edge to try the book.  I’m glad I did because the story itself was intriguing.  I haven’t a clue why the last sentence in the book summary says “What she never expects is to win love.”   That implies this is a romance novel.  It really is not.  At best the love Jamie finds appears to be deep friendship/familial love.  So don’t get your hopes up. 

We meet Jamie Gwynmorgan while she is on the bus heading towards basic training.  This is a military/war based story.  I haven’t a clue if the technology military descriptions are accurate or made up.  It didn’t matter to me, it’s just part of the story.  We quickly learn that Jamie doesn’t give up, she’s always thinking ahead and how to get to the next step and above all how to keep herself and the people around her safe and alive. 

There are a couple of things I found a little confusing in the story.  We periodically hear about hear snippets throughout the story about her life growing up and “Alby”.  It took me reading ¾ of the book to get a clue that Alby and her mother are one in the same.  I also never understood the random hallucination or day dream of the white haired woman that Jamie would hear/see or how that added value to the story.   For me the second ½ of the story was a better read and I almost wish it started at that point and took the ending out a bit further because relationships between Jamie and Senator Hillinger and Jamie and the Major General Ben Embry were interesting and I would have enjoyed finding out what happened next.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012 – Random Things

- Oh Happy Day… Ok I have no idea why that is running through my head but I’ll take it as a good sign that it’s going to be a good day.

- I stopped by the hair place to make an appointment for a cut.  Appointment who needs a freaking appointment.  The girl had no one when I stopped in so here I sit with my hair freshly coiffed.  Short hair is my friend.  I was too hot with what little hair I had, how on earth do people stand long hair and ponytails? 

- I’m not sleeping well and it’s getting annoying.  No nightmares/night terrors just not sleeping well.  I hate when that happens, but speaking of which.  A few days ago L was hanging clothes in the closet and I was going to bed.  This is the conversation we had:

Me:      Shit there is a spider on the ceiling

L:         Is it real?

Me:      Yes, if it weren’t real I’d probably be screaming and running.


- Countdown until we are back home. 

We’re trying to use up as much stuff as possible before we move back while at the same time not having to buy anything.  So although we can count days: 36.  We have another list as well:

15 Loads of Laundry

8 Dishwasher Loads

1 bottle of ketchup

½ tank of propane gas for the grill (I will run this thing out with S’Mores if I have to)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012 – ½ Marathon Update

So I’m back to running and hopefully I still have enough time to make a decent showing on September 22.  I’m sure at this point all of you know that I qualify not being taken away by ambulance as a decent showing.

Today we went running by the river because we didn’t head out until 11:30 and its dramatically cooler there because its tree covered and there is a nice breeze.  I also suppose if it became necessary we could also pitch ourselves into the river to cool off.  I wish I had worn my GPS because I haven’t a clue how far we went.  I can say that the 1st was one long gentle incline that took 40 mins.  The return trip was completely downhill and was only 25 mins.  Downhill is so much nicer mentally but I have to admit that now my legs feel like jello.

I’ve also determined that my hair is way too long for running.  Too hot and there is too much wind drag.  Ok I made that last part up.  How about; “my bangs are way too long and making me crazy.”  I also prefer it when I stick my head in a fountain that my hair is spikey versus all crazy and floppy.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012 – Stuff

So I just read that the next song that I heard would be the song played at my funeral.  Apparently that would be “Madly” by Tristan Prettyman.

What the heck it’s as good a song as any other.

My lower back is killing me.  Well not dead but it’s very uncomfortable, I think I need someone to crack it.  If I had a child I would ask them to step on a sidewalk crack, oh wait, does that rhyme actually say it would break my back?  Never mind

33 days until the ½ marathon

40 days until we are HOME

43 days until the workmen start the kitchen renovations

How many days before I totally lose my mind?

I did going running this weekend and it was HOT, the weather not me.

Did I mention that I have been watching “Political Animals” with Sigorney Weaver?  I have and I’m rather enjoying it.  In fact I even like Bud the philandering ex-husband.  How they made him so morally bankrupt and yet likeable I have no idea.  I can also say, the TV show is the only thing that I am enjoying about this political season; more on that tomorrow if I can get my thoughts into anything coherent.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012 - Book Review Remnant by Kate Genet

Remnant By Kate Genet
Genre: Horror/Suspense

Book Description from

“What would you do if you woke up one morning to find the world you took for granted was gone?

It’s a beautiful sunny day when Cass wakes up to find herself alone. It should be just a normal day – there’s a beach to enjoy with family and friends and the summer is at it’s height. Except today is not a normal day. Today there is no one around. In fact, the only living creatures Cass can see are birds. And a horse. Where is everyone?

As Cass struggles to find other survivors in this strange new world where nature is taking back the land, she discovers that being alone might not be the worst thing. It depends on who or what else is out there.

Pania, meanwhile, is camped out in the empty city of Auckland. She's lost everything and everyone. When a horse wanders up to her one day and leads her back to find Cass, the two women are overjoyed to find each other and the possibility of love and companionship that they thought they'd never have again.

If, that is, the thing watching them from between the trees leaves them alone...”

Book Review
3 1/2 out of 5 Stars

I actually picked up this ebook because I read Baxter Clare’sreview of it on Goodreads sounded intriguing.

The story is creepy in a twilight zone kind of way.  I kept waiting for Cass to either completely lose her mind or wake up and tell us it was all just some weird twisted dream.

I had a little trouble with a few terms that were used in the story, for example I had no clue that Cass was popping acetaminophen when she was talking about needing to take some paracetamol.  Thankfully my Kindle has a built in dictionary because it helped to understand what the heck the character was going on about.

While I was reading this story I spent a lot of time mumbling to myself saying “This is so strange” but in an interesting strange way.  I’ve not read anything like this in a very long time, but I’ll keep my eye out for other titles by Kate Genet.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17, 2012 – Books/Reading

Bella Books has it down; they emailed me a coupon for 15% off my purchases.  That might not sound like a lot but it’s better than nothing and I’ll take it.  Now I know they didn’t say “Hey let’s send this coupon to CAB”.   I just got swept up into the mass email and let me say, a hearty “Thank Yew” because yes it did the trick and yes I went right to the site and purchased several books on my: To Be Read List.  I know what I will be doing this weekend, well besides running and working a little.  Who am I kidding, mostly I’ll be reading.  Yea.

I’m actually reading a couple of books right now.  The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson; The Righteous by Michael Wallace; and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

I’m a hairs breath away from abandoning “The Righteous” I’m slogging through the chapters and not really enjoying it.  I keep hoping it will pick up but I also know part of my inability to read it is my inability to concentrate on it. 

Snow Flower I am enjoying, but that also takes a lot of concentration on my part so I keep putting it down and reading something else in between.  Which somehow makes little sense when I say that but makes perfect sense to me and my brain.

The Haunting of Hill House, I really picked this one up because I was curious about how it compared to the 1963 movie “The Haunting.”  In the movie Eleanor has all these conversations in her head which contributes to her seeming off kilter.  In the book she does the same thing, only with more detail.  It’s interesting and it makes me grateful that people can’t hear the conversations I have in my own head.  That would be bad.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012 – Book Review – Rhapsody by KG MacGregor

Rhapsody by KG MacGregor

Publisher: Bella Books  
Genre: Romance

ISBN-13:  9781594932939e

Book Description from the Bella Books Website:

“After eleven years on the anchor desk at TV4, Ashley Giraud is one of the most beloved figures in Tampa Bay. That’s how she likes her love—distant and impersonal. Outwardly sociable with her coworkers and viewers, she can’t wait to get back to her gated home and garden.

When her longtime stylist goes out of business, she follows a colleague’s recommendation to Rhapsody, a small salon that serves as a hub for an eclectic group of lesbian friends. Despite Ashley’s efforts to remain aloof, she soon trades her solitude for roller skates, swing dancing and the emotional ups and downs of new friends.

Never before has she felt so contented in the company of other women. Even so, there’s always the whisper from the past. Would any of them, especially Julia Whitethorn, the charismatic, appealing owner of Rhapsody, care about her if they knew the terrible secret she’s kept for twenty years?”

Book Review:
3 ½ stars out of 5
This review may contain spoilers

Ashley Giraud lives her entire life by a set of incredibly strict rules that give her the ability to control every aspect of her life, or at least the illusion of control.  Her need for such extreme control stems from her childhood experiences.

The book goes into enough detail to know that Ashley was sexually abused as a young girl by a woman she trusted and in a juvenile way believed she loved.  The book does not go into graphic detail describing the abuse, for which I am thankful, but it allows the reader enough insight to fully grasp the situation. 

Needless to say Ashley’s life revolves around controlling her inner demons and insolating herself from the world.  Which is funny since she has a career which makes her a public figure, but we quickly learn that being a public figure works perfectly into the rules she lives by and the persona she wants to portray and never really allowing anyone to see the real person.

There were points in this story where I wondered if Ashley even knew who the “real” Ashley is. 

Early in the story Ashley meets Julia, who I will say has the patience and understanding of a Saint.  I have to admit, that sometimes her level of understanding and patience irked me but then again I have the patience of a gnat.

The story is written in a way where it seems to make small leaps forward in time and this actually works well for the overall story because lord knows the book would be the size of War and Peace if it documented every aspect of Ashley and Julia’s journey.

Here’s the one thing that disappointed me with the story.  It felt like it just ended.  KG MacGregor gave an ending that allows the reader to assume things continued to progress in a positive manner but it left me wanting to know definitively that Ashely and Julia had worked through the last major stepping stone in their relationship; which, as I type this, makes me realize that I was more invested in the characters than I originally thought.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012 – Random

Things may not always go the way I want them to, and I’ll admit that lately there are a number of things that have not gone quite to plan.  Heck I’m not even sure I have a plan anymore, but this morning a work issue finally came together and appears to be working correctly.  I’ll take that as a win even before my actual work day starts.

Taxes, I know you are dying to hear me complain about them yet again.  I have to review my 2011 taxes to make sure the numbers look accurate. Obviously I have to take on faith the foreign tax credit because I haven’t a clue but I should be able to verify the other numbers based on what I entered into Turbo Tax.  Let’s just put it out there: Thank god for Turbo Tax.  I think I only have one more year of needing someone else to figure out my taxes and then it’s back to my normal level of tax confusion.  Oh, and can I just say, I hate filing my taxes late because by the time I am done with the 2011 taxes I have to start 2012.  Oye.

Speaking of taxes… SIS… can you buy me a powerball ticket for tonight’s drawing?  It’s worth the $2 and I’d gladly pay those taxes should I we win.  Notice I said “We” that’s because if my sister does buy me a ticket she will buy herself one with the exact same numbers, just in case it’s the winner.  That way she can’t get mad that she gave away the winning ticket.

6 weeks and a few days until we move back home.  I am so very ready.  Although, there is so much that needs to be coordinated between the move home, a new puppy on the way, and kitchen renovations.  Somehow I thought the move back would be easier.  Ok in many ways it is much easier there’s just a lot to coordinate.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012 - Running... or Not Running

Alright, so I’m supposed to be training for this ½ marathon at the end of September.  Yes the key word there is “supposed”.  I was training diligently but here’s the deal.  We went to the US, and I did run a couple of days, but things were so crazy with running around and getting organized for our return back to the US (Car shopping, kitchen renovation prep… a blog all on its own, flying to Michigan, work)  that I didn’t manage it.  Then we flew back to Zurich and the next day flew to London, and now I’m day 3 back in Zurich and I have to get my butt in gear or there is no way I’ll be able to run this thing.  It’s not like I have a major goal.  I just want to finish the thing and not die.  Well or embarrass myself.  So if at all possible I’d like to be able to slowly jog the majority of it, but that won’t be possible if I don’t get back to running; TODAY.  What’s holding me back?  I know after 2 weeks of not running this is going to be like starting over and I’m a little afraid of starting over because what if I can’t get in shape in time?  Oh yes, I realize the ridiculousness of that statement because if I don’t start running again, it’s guaranteed that I won’t be able to run this thing.  So today, at my dinner break, I’m running, by myself, because I LOVE to run.  Love it.  Love running…by myself….5 miles.  Yes, yes I do.  Ok I don’t but I am going to do it anyway and I’m going to keep telling myself I do love it until I do.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012 – London 2012 Olympics

Let’s talk about the Olympics.  I have no doubt you are Olympic’d out but I thought I’d share a quick round up of our trip.  This is my first trip to the Olympics and I don’t think I have ever been to something that is/was quite so large.  Sure, I’ve been to Disney World but I don’t think that even comes close to the numbers of people traipsing about in London.   Major Kudos have to go to everyone who put this together and especially to all of the volunteers.  I’m not kidding there were “London Ambassadors” everywhere.  We got off the plane and there we a bunch in the airport giving us directions and helpful hints.  I am not exaggerating when I say, if you were anywhere remotely near London, there was a volunteer in a uniform pointing people in the correct direction.  They were really wonderful.

So the events:
We got to see the Women’s Volleyball Team play

What I learned is I never want to get in the way of a volleyball that has been spiked by any of these women.  Oh and some of these women are GIANTS.  Look at #12, I don’t think that girl needs to jump to reach over the net

Field Hockey

We watched Great Britain v. Australia in the Bronze Medal match.  Great Britain won.  This was a lot of fun for me to watch, in part because I love the game and because the crowd was really into the game.  We were sitting behind one of the goals so the pics I tried to take are really out of focus.

Women’s Soccer/Football

This was the Gold Medal Match USA v Japan.  Again we were behind the goal line and got to see quite a few saves made by Hope Solo.  Japan was very aggressive in their play.  This was definitely one of the more exciting things we got to watch

Women’s Basketball

We watched both of the final matches

Russia v Australia for the Bronze medal.  This match was ok, it definitely picked up in the 4th quarter, but wasn’t as exciting as I expected.  Oh and can someone please explain to me how Becky Hammon was on the Russian Team?  Ok that’s really sort of a rhetorical question.  I googled it.

USA v France

Yes, it was kind of cool to see people I know (not know personally) playing and very cool that they were from UCONN.  Beyond that, the game was actually kind of dull. The French crowd was into the game and cheering but overall they were overmatched.  Although at one point there were so many bad passes made by the US team I wanted someone to explain to them that the people in the blue uniforms were not their teammates.   

Overall it was a great trip, we had a lot of fun the people were wonderful and just being in the atmosphere was very cool

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Review: Summoning Shadows by Winter Pennington

Book Review: Summoning Shadows by Winter Pennington
Publisher Bold Strokes  
Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Romance

Book Descriptions from the Bold Strokes website:

“Epiphany has risen in clan status among the Rosso Lussuria vampires. Declared Elder and Inamorata, to raise a hand against her is to raise a hand against Queen Renata herself.

She has taken Iliaria, the Great Siren Dracule, as her lover and ally, wearing Iliaria’s sigil as a sign of their unlikely alliance. While Epiphany bears her mark, Iliaria upholds her oath and hunts one of her own—the traitor Damokles who seeks to destroy the vampire-kind. Yet Damokles is not the only renegade Dracule who wants to see the fall of the Rosso Lussuria. The Draculian society is split in two—those who seek to protect Azrael’s Gift and those who seek to eliminate it.

The Rosso Lussuria face enemies both old and new. Dismantling a reign of impending terror and uniting a clan is not so easily done when those close to you are all too adept at keeping their own council and agendas.

The second Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novel.”

Review 5 stars out of 5

This was a great second installment in the Rosso Lussuria series.  We continue to see the growth in not only Epiphany’s character but in the relationships between Iliaria, Epiphany, and Queen Renata.  Epiphany may not be the “dominant” personality in these relationships but in many ways she is the one in control and the one central figure that these other characters are drawn to.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this story was the role that Morina played and the development of her character.  I also loved watching Epiphany realization that her ability as an empath can be so much more than she originally thought and her discovery of just what she is capable of when she wants to protect what is important to her.

It’s extremely rare for me to re-read a story but this is one I will revisit again in the next few days just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  My only disappointment is that I have to wait for another installment.  Please let there be another installment.

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August 1, 2012 – The Breakfast Of Champions

Cold Pizza, Dr. Pepper, and a chocolate chip brownie.  Sure that might not be the breakfast of an Olympian but on this particular Wednesday morning; I can’t imagine a better way to start my day.  Monday evening I met a couple of friends for dinner and lots of laughs.  Last night L and I met two other friends for said pizza and lots of laughs.  All of which makes me even more psyched to be moving back home at the end of September.  The laughs part, while we’ve been in Switzerland I’ve gotten used to being kind of isolated so when we come home it’s like I am in overdrive.  Seriously, I can’t shut up when we are out with friends.  I try but it’s like my brain thinks I may never have another shot a social interaction again so it’d better take advantage while the opportunity exists.  I’ve tried leaving mental notes: “Dear Brain: 8 weeks, in 8 weeks we’ll be home, no need to monopolize the conversation.”

Tonight, we meet with the Kitchen guy.  That’s not his name but he’s the guy we’re talking to about redoing our kitchen.  We talked about doing the renovation several years ago, but then the Switzerland thing came up and we put it aside.  Now the time has come, and the 1956 kitchen definitely needs a facelift.  The kitchen guy came by a few weeks ago to measure and put together a plan, we’ll be checking that out tonight.  Then it’s off to the mini cooper dealer to test drive the Mini Cooper Countryman All4.  Now I know some of you are interested in the Fiat but I can’t help you out with test driving that.  It’s not on my list, but please one of you should definitely drive it – just for the sake of it.  Driving does not have to equal buying.

Oh and in between all of this… haircut, which is both good and bad timing.  Good because I desperately want to finish reading Summoning Shadows by Winter Pennington and bad because I have a ton of work to get done.   On that note: back to work for me.  Happy Wednesday

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