Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012 - Weekend Roundup

So there I am lying on the floor when the beastly boy decides that it must be time to play and he stands over me to get my attention.  I then attempt to take his picture because he’s cute.  Of course this is the result of trying to take his picture while he leans in to sniff the camera.

Blurry Boy:

I went running Saturday and Sunday with my neighbor.  My referring to it as running is really a stretch of the imagination.  It was terrible, I was terrible, but I tried.  I have no idea what was/is up but I have no energy.

PMS – less the “P”.  Seriously, whose idea was this?  My feeling is that your cycle is an early warning system for pregnancy.  If there is no chance in hell of being or getting pregnant couldn’t we just skip the rest?

Last night, I dreamt that there was a spider crawling on my foot so of course I screamed and shook my leg with enough force that the spider flew off my foot and landed on Ernie.  I don’t know if he was more startled at the scream or by having the spider land on him.  Maybe I should name all these spiders “Harvey” after the invisible rabbit since I am the only one who can see them.

I can’t believe I need a nap

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