Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 – Weekend Update

Runners High

I haven’t a clue what runners high is, except that I am willing to bet it’s a giant hoax created by some marketing genius for sneaker manufacturers.  Alright, but let’s say that is does in fact exist.  I just read an definition of runners high that pretty much says “it’s that point when you are running and the pain peaks and then starts easing down…”  Well by that definition I experience runners high EVERY TIME I run because at that moment when the pain peaks… I STOP RUNNING.  Hello.  Duh.

Speaking of running, I did have an unusual phenomenon this weekend on my “long run”.  Normally at some point my brain gives up and I just can’t bear to run one more step and I end up walking.  This weekend I made it 7 miles and then felt like I really needed to start walking.  In part because my knees were really starting to ache, see the above runners’ high comment.  So of course I slow to a walk and my calves immediately start to cramp.  Really: since when is walking more painful than running?  Apparently the answer is “yesterday.”  I’d walk 5 steps and realize that I needed to pick up my pace and shuffle along or my legs were going to knot right up.  I at least had to make it to the bus stop before my legs gave out.  Which I am happy to report I managed.  Meri who runs with me pointed out, however, that I set myself up for an entirely different problem.  Every time we do these long runs I try to make it further than the last time, even if it’s just a short way.  Now I have to make it past the 7 mile mark.  Oye.  At least we are at the ½ way mark for distance prepping for the ½ marathon.  I really have no idea how our friend Tim runs marathons. 

What else?  Oh the weather has been awesome.  70’s during the day 50’s in the evening.  This will definitely be something I miss about Switzerland.  The nice temps and the lack of humidity

Trip Home
We head home on Saturday for a week.  I’m looking forward to that and then when we fly back, we’re here one day and then head off to the Olympics.  I had to swing by the bank today to pick up some pounds.  We don’t like to travel places without a little cash in hand.  Oh, and L told me that American’s once again going out of their way to show how foolish we can be.  Hello, England’s currency is the pound not the Euro.  Should you arrive in England with the Euro you will probably have some difficulty exchanging it for the pound, if for no other reason than there will be millions of people there wanting to do the same thing.  I guess that’s when you say a credit card is your friend.  Then again who knows maybe vendors and things will take the Euro.

Well that’s it for now, lots of work to get caught up on.  Happy Monday

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