Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012 - Whatnot

I’m happy to report that I went running this morning and did not (a) die (b) pray for death or (c) throw up.  That is a huge win, because over the weekend when I ran I was fairly certain all three of those options were going to occur.  We still have 2 ½ months before the half marathon and I have to start getting more consistent with how I feel when I run.  Oh and let’s clarify, the consistency I am shooting for is the not wanting to die.  I’m also hoping that I can actually lose some of this freaking weight.  Yes fine, I have to be diligent about what I eat and I’m trying I really am but as my doctors so lovingly put it “I’m at that age.”  You know; the one where things start to shift and fall apart and the mere thought of dessert adds unwanted pounds.    Hey, I’m not looking for a miracle or a complete body makeover; I’d just like to lose 5 pounds.  It’s lose 5 pounds or buy bigger pants.  I’m not buying bigger pants.

I’m also back on a reading frenzy.  If someone could invent a way to make reading burn more calories I’d have it made.  No please don’t suggest reading while riding a stationary bike.  Actually I could probably do that, but I think it would take the fun out of reading although it might make riding a stationary bike more fun.   Yeah, no it’s not going to happen.

I’ve also been considering a career change to Mime.  It’s not like 90% of all of my conversations here in Switzerland haven’t relied heavily on miming.  Just today the downstairs neighbor came up to ask if a workman could test the water pressure in the apartment.  He speaks very little English which is definitely more than I can speak German.  I nodded, gave the universal thumbs up signal.  Which in Switerland also means you want 1 item so lord knows he might think I said sure but only ONE.  Now there is a guy in blue pants who speaks German asking me where the water cutoff is.  I figured this out because he’s doing the whole twisty nob thing and I was able to give him the “I dunno” shrug but pointed him to a closet.  He gave me the thumbs up so I’m thinking he found what he needed.  See successful communication without words.  Now if someone would just pay me to look like an idiot I’d be set.

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  1. I have to say , that I adore reading you! Glad you sticking w the running