Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012 – Random Thoughts

Yes you are going to get periodic updates, because it appears that there are still things that will cause me anxiety.  We were contacted by two relocation companies that need to do a survey of the apartment and give a quote for the relocation.  Pretty much they look around and figure out how much stuff we have to move, the effort involved and the size of the shipping container.  That does not cause me any anxiety.  The second company is referring us to an offshoot of theirs that handles “pet relocation.”  Now I admit, this might be the way to go, but when we moved here the dogs came with us.  Although that was stressful in its’ own right, I always knew where the dogs were.  In the cargo hold of the plane or with us as really big luggage.  The anxiety part comes from me not having a clue how the pet relocation company works.  Would Ernie travel completely separately from us?  Maybe all the do is help us with the paperwork process?  Maybe they do it all.  This is like visiting kennels for the 1st time, which was highly traumatic for me.  Hell dropping the dog off at a kennel is traumatic for me, not so much for Ernie who thinks it’s a big adventure.  At least until he realizes I’m not staying with him.  Oye

Old Lady Legs:
Yes, it seems during the middle of the night someone snuck into the apartment and replaced my semi-old 47 year old legs with an 80 something year old woman’s legs.  I went running today and really, it was not a pretty sight.  I told myself I was just saving my energy for the 5K on Sunday.

The edible kind.  Did I mention that I made brownies with chocolate chip cookies on top over the weekend?  I did.  I also gave ½ of them away to the neighbors because Alex the 6 year old was begging his mom to make chocolate cake.  You have to say chocolate “choc – o – late” with a swiss/Spanish accent.  Today I found out that Meri’s husband ate every last one.  Which I find very amusing.  Apparently I make a good brownie.

That’s it for the moment but I am sure that I will think of something else later. 

I’m going to make this a good day for myself

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